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About Us

We get a lot of requests to provide a full - service entertainment experience - Entertain children and adults -  Lead activities or provide background music.  

We offer DJ music for your events.  From Bar - Mitzvahs to Weddings; block parties to company picnics.  We are a one - stop solution to keep all your guests happy and your event stress free.  

We can bring out bubble machines, fog machines or lasers.  We also can create a live, interactive playlist that your guests can access on their smart - phones.  This way they can select the music from our vast music library. 

A Bar / Bat Mitzvah event is not for any DJ.  Unlike weddings, schools, picnics or parties, The Bar / Bat Mitzvah DJ should understand that this is not about DJ Music and endless dances.  The DJ should not lose the religious tone of the occasion.  Maybe you are doing Havdalah, Candle Lighting or you just want authentic religious music. 

We have over 400,000 party tunes spanning 8 genres (Like  Old-school, rock, top - 40 or pop).... over 300 Jewish songs .... 5 different Hava Nagila versions. 

Music and entertainment are the most important elements that shape a special event.  Invite us to add that special touch.