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Alan The Amazing at the San Mateo County Fair with his STEM science magic show.

STEM: Science • Technology • Engineering • Magic

When you want to experience Entertainment that Educates, invite us to present our STEM Show.  As a Bay Area Science Teacher, I know what captures children's imagination in their never ending quest to ask, "Why?".


Check out a scene from our performance at the San Mateo County STEM festival.  

Here we are showing Conservation of Energy.

  Would you like to experience some magic that is real?   Then forget for a moment the hocus - pocus of the stage magician and  investigate a few of the wonders of the everyday world of science around  you!

  This is a program of experiences,  rather than a program where you sit and watch.  The program is a scientific adventure in which the audience can learn many of the  fundamental principles of physics and chemistry.

  A lot of science looks like magic.   That is why I have created the program STEM:  Science • Technology •  Engineering • Magic.  Just like magicians have secrets, scientists do  too.  But in this show, I am pulling back the curtain to fully  explain all of the science. 

  Science is timeless.   In choosing material for this show, I have searched the whole field of  science — from ancient times to the latest developments in the news.

  This program is a combination of  over 30 years as a professional magician and over 15 years as a credentialed science teacher. 

  The show has been presented at school science nights hosted by PTAs to STEM festivals and county fairs.

About Us

Alan The Amazing showing Newtons First Law of Motion at a STEM show at a library.

Watch as we put Newton's 1st Law of Motion (inertia) to the test by pulling out a tablecloth while the dishes remain behind. During the show, we also test his 2nd and 3rd laws.

Alan The Amazing at a STEM show showing color changing flowers thanks to chemistry.

Using chemistry, we are able to change colors in flowers in the blink of an eye. We also learn about Acids & Bases

Thanks to Bernoulli's principle, Alan The Amazing is able to keep the beach ball floating in air during the STEM science magic show.

What keeps the beach ball suspended in the air while a leaf blower is pushing air at 125 mph is the same as what keeps an airplane in the air: Bernoulli's Principle.

Alan The Amazing at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California.

Featured presenter at 4 different Maker Faires

San Mateo • San Jose • Oakland • Novato